You Did It

I know, I’m not in the situation where I can be an over-fangirling right now. But i can’t help it. 

The moment I saw him at the first episode sing and dance to one of BlockB song and his labelmate did the krump dance, I know that I’ll fall in love with him. 

He is a hardworking person. Everything he do, he always give it his best and I know all the other 100 boys did the same thing. When he perform ssangnamja and sonagi I keep drowning into his charms. 

My heart beating so fast when they announcing the ranking. I’m afraid that he will be eliminated from that show and I never can see him again. 

And I’m so relieve that he can climbing up to 3rd place. You deserve it, boy! 

Let’s debut, Ha Seungwoon😣

And for mnet you’re so mean. 

How can you make them split up after all this time together.

Bye bye my Gunhee and little brother Lee Woojin 😭


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