I’m Introverted Type

Recently, I am interested to know about my personality type, so I took the personality test 16personalities.com and the result show that my personality is INFJ or ‘The Advocate’.

It’s said that I’m 91% introverted and 9% extraverted and yasss that is trueeeeee…… and it said that INFJ type is very rare, only 1% of the world population that have this type. should I need to be proud for having this type???


I don’t like being in crowds. I don’t like being the center of attention. I’m happy to spend my time at home, reading books, watching korean dramas or just listen to the song. But its not like I always happy to be home. I love to go hangout with someone, shopping, watch movies and other outside activity. Mostly, I like to be alone because I’m not the type of person who can start the convertation first with stranger.

Most of my friends said that they think I’m an arrogant type when they first know me because of my ‘angry’ face. Its not my will if my face looks like that. Stranger maybe think I’m arrogant and not talk too much (I’m not person who can speak a lot with stranger) but if you already be friends with me maybe you’ll think otherwise. So send me an email if you interest of making friend with me:D

I cant say that personality test at 16personalities.com 100% accurate but just try it and know yourself better. byebye.



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