Beginning 2014


I can feel that now. Crying for a man who had never even met me in my life. Crying because of a father who could only spend one day with his son ​​for the rest of his life. Crying because too miss someone. But when I met him, I want to be alone without him.

Then, all things that I love turn into a very boring things. Somehow, I feel myself sometimes unstable in all respects.

I can’t tell you what I wanna say. I can’t do what I want to do. When I feel like to hold him, I can’t do anything to do so. I’m so pitiful. When I say don’t cry, you can’t hear it. When I say you won’t be alone because I always stand behind you, you never knew.

Then what should I do? Just crying like a crazy people? 

I don’t know why it come to a complicated thing. We’re just stranger to each other. For you, for me not. I know you a long time ago. Just you who never notice me.

It’s not your fault. Oppa-ya.

How can I?



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