Minhyuk “To all the memories”


(This is a must read Melodies)

From BTOB: [Minhyuk] To all the Melodies

I am writing this post after watching for a long time.

I intended to take the opportunity from this incident to settle everything once and for all through a post.
However I was afraid to write it as I was afraid the situation would get worse.

However I am going to throw away my usual style and get straight to the point.
(As the representative, I will be letting you the conclusion of the many conversations and meetings that have taken place with all the members.)

Firstly, the staffs who operate the official fancafe, although we know that it is going to be hard for you but no matter what post has been posted(Posts that harms the members, discarding posts that do not fit the criteria) for the time being we hope that you will not discard these posts. Please do us a favour..!

Um… I’m starting from the first issue….ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Of course, I know that not everyone is like this but….
Didn’t this incident start for a good reason as all of you wanted to protect us??????
We all know very well that the actions taken were all thinking for the sake of BTOB, and with a worried heart.

However right now the original intention has faded and it hurts my heart.
Everyone’s opinions and the thoughts that you have put in for us are so precious, and we feel so grateful and at the same time a large portion of us feel that this is the right thing to do as well.
However as time passed, everyone gets increasingly agitated, causing BTOB to be labeled as sasaeng-idols. Knowing about it alone feels very scary.
Although we have taken into account the entire process and can fully understand everyone’s concerns
… however this is still an upsetting matter to us.

The word that pissed me off the most is ‘outcast’… what evidence do you have to say something like this?

As I may be still under the influence of my anger, and in case some of you might misunderstand, let me say this again.
The origin of this issue, why everyone is unhappy, this is something we all know.
With the genuine and passionate thought of wanting to protect BTOB as well as the feeling of righteousness as a starting point, however the fancafe did not manage to give everyone an acceptable answer and thus caused enragement, this is something we all know.
In addition the issue of sasaengs appeared amongst all the issues, making use of twitter to cause the situation to snowball into a bigger issue, this is something we all know too.
At this point I shall not explain through an essay, in short, we know and understand what is happening currently and this is why we are more upset than anyone at this point of time.

Everyone… do you all really believe that we will really outcast fans?
Does everyone also feel that we give special treatments to any fans?
However such a proof surfaced…are those proof really able to determine the truth of this matter?
Taking the limited information/testimonials as everything, treating them as though they are the eventual truth seems like the right direction for the issue to develop.
Isnt that a really scary occurring?

You’re right.. our attitude towards the issues are flawed.
However in that situation… cant everyone understand us with no strings attached?

Under situations where we are left with no options, artistes have to willingly accept some things, have everyone never thought that way?
In the misunderstanding of us outcasting fans, how awkward would the artistes’actions be.
Everytime we face such difficulty, we would start to think about where we should be drawing a clear line..
Everyone should be able to understand us right..

It would cause a lot of inconvenience when we interact with fans.
However as what everyone has thought, we have received a lot of pain from this.
When the feeling of the situation getting worse appeared, and have received harm from the issue we should have resolved the issue immediately.

Therefore we are also not fools who don’t know when to be ruthless..
In that case, what happiness are we talking about??? What outcasting are we talking about????? It’s really heart breaking…..

The scariest thing of all would definitely be the spread of malicious rumours…
Don’t know whose standard was used (for both and objective view and dubious view) to spread the collected evidence… and it gets spread to everyone around…
We also felt very shocked and surprised that there were people who felt that we were 2 faced.
However amongst all these, if there is anyone who is being wronged.. It does not matter who is the one complaining but where can they direct their mistreatment.. be it BTOB, the respective company representatives or all our fans.

Magnanimity would be given even to a sinner in times of need. But are we guilty?
Arent everyone behaving like people who lost their magnanimity and is only left with their cold logical thoughts? No, right now as compared to being logical, it should be that everyone has allowed their emotions to take over their thoughts isn’t it?
Everyone has become a judge, a prosecutor who have create the kind of atmosphere whereby you want to chase people out for a fight..

I would like to strongly emphasize this once again.. we are very clear that this incident is caused by someone deliberately.
Now there should be no misunderstanding about us siding any Melody right?

Hu.. Let me catch my breath before continuing..

We are able to understand everyone’s feeling more than anyone else. Do you do such a thing because you are bored?

Is it because you are frustrated that you are screaming and shouting so loudly?
This won’t do… why not let us take this chance to remove the addiction, how much courage must everyone have gathered in order to write everything out?
As you have experienced the pain of your posts being deleted and getting demoted…ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

I’m sorry for not saying all these earlier…
I’m sorry for not giving everyone a reply…
I’m sorry for getting angry although I know that everyone is feeling stressed…ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

However………………this won’t do.
We are all not kids anymore. Even if we did not consider many things well, even if we do know understand the situation.
Which artiste is willing to see their fans leave? Did you really think that we are bystanders because we do not know what is happening?

After deep thoughts, we have come up with a way to solve the issue.
When a wound appears, don’t we always try out best to heal it so as not to let it leave a scar behind? So the best thing to do now is not leave any scar behind!
With this we will be more amicable in finding out a more perfect way to solve this.

Our dear Melodies!! I am requesting all of you once again!! Everyone’s thoughts.. and reprimanding.. we will fully accept them.
From this we have also learnt how we should do in such situations in order to get better results.
So please refrain the situation from snowballing anymore!
Right now it is no longer just because we want to resolve the issue, but also so that the fans can stop being so tired.
From now on, we will show everyone a more mature BTOB.
Like everyone’s original intention, we ask of everyone for the sake of BTOB’s future.
Using this issue as an agreement, we will let everyone see a more mature side of BTOB.

We have always, at all times, whenever we start feeling tired, we think about how we can stand infront of everyone, how we can stand on stage once again and we will smile at the thought naturally.
We are 7 people who have gathered because we all love music a lot.
We will work towards producing better songs, more charismatic stages, a more perfect appearance.. We will unconditionally let everyone see a more charming us.
Please believe in BTOB and CUBE, please anticipate our comeback.
We believe that in the near future, we will work together to bring better music to everyone.
I swear to everyone here. We are really working very hard to produce our album, do please wait a little.. just wait a little more for us..^^

To be honest.. it’s not anger, it’s sadness..
And we sincerely want to thank all the fans who have given us help.
Perhaps this incident will become a very precious agreement to us and will also a precious lesson we learnt painfully.
(Should this post cause everyone to feel depressed.. please reply and give comments! TT TT)

And I shall confess to everyone once again after a long time

“ My beloved Melody! I have always been very thankful to all of you. Everyone will continue to wait for us right?”
(Everyone from BTOB)

Please take out translations with full credits to @btobtweets.


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