Guide for The Beginner

My mom always asked me why I love these men. They even doesn’t know you. And I proudly said that I love them, it doesn’t matter if they do not know me at all. Why? Because they make my teenage life beautiful and didn’t make me lonely even though I’m alone. 😶😶


Nothing Without You

With those wrinkled hands you patted my hair, stroked my skin, and hugged me when I cried when I was a toddler. I didn’t remember but I feel it until now. 

You give me a lot of advices when I grown up to teenage. You told me what I have to do and don’t. Told me what’s good and bad. But I only had 13 years to be with you. 

When I had a fight with my parents, I want to run to you but you’re not here anymore. There’s a lot of things that I wanna share with you. Telling you I’m not a child anymore. I can drive a car now. I have my identity card now. I’m a college student now. I can go anywhere on my own now. 
At my last moment with you. You never know. I sat there in silent while looking at you. There was something else in my heart. It feels strange. I didn’t know it was the last time I saw you. If I knew that was our last moment together, I’ll give you a tight hug and tell you how much I love you. My first love. My true hero.

Its been nine years since you leaving me behind and I’m still missing you like crazy. But. Thank you for your love after all this time. Thank you for letting me feels how to be loved. I will keep all my memories with you in my heart and never forget it. 

I want you to know that I’m nothing without you, grandma. 



I had a great holiday although there was an incident before but I don’t want to remember it anymore. 

My twins aunty comeback here few days before eid pray and I had a wonderful holiday because of them. I’m really happy to see all my big family sitting together in my grandma’s living room. Laughing, eating and taking photos. Minus my oldest aunty and middle aunty bcs they are in different island. 

I’m so happy to have them in my life. I never can get enough for them. 

You Did It

I know, I’m not in the situation where I can be an over-fangirling right now. But i can’t help it. 

The moment I saw him at the first episode sing and dance to one of BlockB song and his labelmate did the krump dance, I know that I’ll fall in love with him. 

He is a hardworking person. Everything he do, he always give it his best and I know all the other 100 boys did the same thing. When he perform ssangnamja and sonagi I keep drowning into his charms. 

My heart beating so fast when they announcing the ranking. I’m afraid that he will be eliminated from that show and I never can see him again. 

And I’m so relieve that he can climbing up to 3rd place. You deserve it, boy! 

Let’s debut, Ha Seungwoon😣

And for mnet you’re so mean. 

How can you make them split up after all this time together.

Bye bye my Gunhee and little brother Lee Woojin 😭

Thank You

From 2006 to 2017

For this 11 years with sad, worst, best and happy moments. 

For letting me heard your beautiful voice through your beautiful song.

For stay alive and keep singing till this time..

Thank you.


I’m Introverted Type

Recently, I am interested to know about my personality type, so I took the personality test and the result show that my personality is INFJ or ‘The Advocate’.

It’s said that I’m 91% introverted and 9% extraverted and yasss that is trueeeeee…… and it said that INFJ type is very rare, only 1% of the world population that have this type. should I need to be proud for having this type???


I don’t like being in crowds. I don’t like being the center of attention. I’m happy to spend my time at home, reading books, watching korean dramas or just listen to the song. But its not like I always happy to be home. I love to go hangout with someone, shopping, watch movies and other outside activity. Mostly, I like to be alone because I’m not the type of person who can start the convertation first with stranger.

Most of my friends said that they think I’m an arrogant type when they first know me because of my ‘angry’ face. Its not my will if my face looks like that. Stranger maybe think I’m arrogant and not talk too much (I’m not person who can speak a lot with stranger) but if you already be friends with me maybe you’ll think otherwise. So send me an email if you interest of making friend with me:D

I cant say that personality test at 100% accurate but just try it and know yourself better. byebye.


[170206] Mahasiswa Sem.8 Masih Sehat?


Tahun ke empat. Delapan semester and still going on. Banyak suka duka yang telah saya lalui. Mulai dari status maba menjadi senior tua :'(. Dan MASIH menunggu hingga bisa berada digedung baruga bersama dengan mahasiswa lainnya diwisuda dan resmi menyandang gelar sarjana.

Menjadi mahasiswa Pertanian, jurusan Teknologi Pertanian, Prodi Ilmu dan Teknologi. “Sebuah program studi yang masih jarang diketahui orang, namun begitu terdengar dikira jurusan masak memasak, semacam sekolah koki, padahal bukan, atau sesekali dikira belajar menanam padi, padahal bukan juga, sebab pada kenyataannya para mahasiswanya SEDIKIT frustasi akibat ketemu satuan operasi, mikrobiologi, uji sensori, ilmu gizi, dan reaksi biokimiawi, namun demikian mereka selalu hepi, bahkan para alumni terbukti bahagia, sukses dimana saja, dan menjadi menantu idaman para calon mertua.” Terima kasih untuk seseorang yang sudah mendeskripsikan kami seperti itu. Continue reading

[Oneshoot] It’s Okay It’s You


Cho Kyuhyun. Pria yang sudah memasuki usia kepala tiga. Dia juga tahu kini banyak hal yang harus dihadapinya dengan serius. Tidak ada waktu untuk bermain-main lagi. Terlebih lagi pria itu sudah memantapkan niatnya untuk melamar kekasih hatinya.

Cho Kyuhyun tahu bahwa ia bukan pria yang romantis. Namun bukan berarti dia termasuk pria yang tidak peduli dengan pasangannya. Malah bisa dibilang, ia termasuk pria yang overprotective dan itu membuat Park Yongna, kekasihnya, jengkel setengah mati.  Continue reading

HappyHappy 30th Birthday Cho Kyuhyun

Its my eight years loving him, and nothing change. Just, nowadays, Lee Donghae silently become my fav two. But Cho Kyuhyun still number one. 

This year, Cho Kyuhyun will enlist for his military service. It’s so sad that I’m enabled to see him for two years. But I hope he always strong and healthy. No need for diet, cho. i like your shape now. 

And once again, Happy Birthday my only eternal love. 


Ketika saya emosi dan berusaha menahan kata-kata yang saya ingin ucapkan.

Ketika orang lain menuduh saya melakukan apa yang tidak saya lakukan. 

Ketika saya tahu percuma membalas perkataan orang yang memiliki telinga tetapi berlaku seakan-akan tidak memiliki telinga atau memang orang itu sudah ‘tuli’.

Ketika saya merasa ketidakadilan tetapi saya tidak bisa melakukan apa-apa karena saya hanya ‘orang kecil’.

Ketika banyak hal yang ada di pikiran saya tetapi tidak bisa saya ungkapkan dengan tindakan. 

Ketika saya ingin mengungkapkan sesuatu tetapi langsung dibalas dengan kata-kata pedas bahkan saya belum mengucapkan apapun. 

Ketika saya merasa apa yang mereka bicarakan itu tidak penting atau saya tidak tahu apa yang mesti saya ucapkan.

Dan ketika saya merasakan sakit nyut-nyutan di sekitar gusi dan gigi  😭😭😭