Almost !

I’m almost done.

I’m almost free.

All my tears that I wasted won’t be in vain.

Just little bit more then I’ll leave these all behind


수고했어요 ❤️

Dearest is you

You did a great job, 오늘도.

Your voice, your smile and laugh, your music, your tears, I’ll remember all of that. How can I forget it?

It’s end of my day today as I writing this. And I hope you had a good day today like I did, wherever you are ❤️


Super Junior KRY – Shadowless Lyrics

Neomuna swipge peureoji

Uri-e saekki sonkarak

Ije honjaga dwen yaksok

Handongan appeulgeotgatda

Neoui modeun geot deul gwa dalmeun modeun geotdeldo

Heotdwen gidaneun nal apaeuge halpuninde

Nunci mothago kok butjapgo

Nan ajik kajido

Neo ango itnende

Bogosipda seumul swil te mada teourenda

Jakku nune balpinen neowa

Saranghaetdeon nal deureul da taeumyeon

Na juin obneun geurimja chereom haemeida

Jeo baram gyeolre seulyeo ga getchi


Etdeon insado nan keonen jeogi eobnende

Nega neoui kwanhangeon

hana do beorige eobseo kok gereo angoseo

Neeol algo itnende

Bogosipda seumeul swilte mada micigetda Jakku nune balpineun

Neowa saranghaetdon nal dereul ta taeumyeon

Na juin eobneun geurimja cheoreom haemeida

Jeo baram gyeoreuseullyeo ga getci

Eokjireo neol eumgyo jwin son

Nwaya hanende byeorang gate maedalinge kok nae mam gatda nochil mothajanna

Saranghaetda seumul swiltae mada tteoureunda

Jakku nune balpinda dasi

Kaji mothae imi heollo beorin sigan aphe

Amu himi eobneun nan neowa saranghaetdeon nal dereul ta taeulge na kajin ge neopunira haedo boneul julke

Na heunjeok eobsi Sarajindedo annyeong


Aren’t They Just Awesome ? ❤


Cr: Naver x Dispatch 


I’m done! 😣

Dulu, saat aku masih kecil, aku mempunyai banyak impian. Saat itu aku masih belum tahu apa gunanya memiliki banyak uang saat yang kubutuhkan hanya izin orang tuaku untuk bisa bermain bersama teman-temanku diluar.

Saat ditanya apa cita-citaku akupun akan menjawab ingin menjadi seorang dokter. Beberapa tahun kemudian saat ditanya dengan pertanyaan yang sama aku hanya akan menjawab bahwa aku hanya ingin memiliki pekerjaan yang bisa menghasilkan uang untuk kebutuhanku sehari-hari. Menjadi dokter? Bullshit. Aku bahkan takut melihat jarum suntik dan darah.

Dan jika ditanya lagi mengenai cita-citaku sekarang. Hanya ada satu yang kuinginkan saat ini.

Aku hanya ingin bisa lulus dan bisa wisuda tahun ini dari universitas tempatku kuliah selama 4 tahun ini. Tidak muluk-muluk lagi.

Aku hanya ingin bebas dari tekanan keluargaku yang setiap hari bertanya, “Namu kapan lulus? Namu kapan wisuda?”

I’m done with this life
. 😭


Guide for The Beginner

My mom always asked me why I love these men. They even doesn’t know you. And I proudly said that I love them, it doesn’t matter if they do not know me at all. Why? Because they make my teenage life beautiful and didn’t make me lonely even though I’m alone. 😶😶


Nothing Without You

With those wrinkled hands you patted my hair, stroked my skin, and hugged me when I cried when I was a toddler. I didn’t remember but I feel it until now. 

You give me a lot of advices when I grown up to teenage. You told me what I have to do and don’t. Told me what’s good and bad. But I only had 13 years to be with you. 

When I had a fight with my parents, I want to run to you but you’re not here anymore. There’s a lot of things that I wanna share with you. Telling you I’m not a child anymore. I can drive a car now. I have my identity card now. I’m a college student now. I can go anywhere on my own now. 
At my last moment with you. You never know. I sat there in silent while looking at you. There was something else in my heart. It feels strange. I didn’t know it was the last time I saw you. If I knew that was our last moment together, I’ll give you a tight hug and tell you how much I love you. My first love. My true hero.

Its been nine years since you leaving me behind and I’m still missing you like crazy. But. Thank you for your love after all this time. Thank you for letting me feels how to be loved. I will keep all my memories with you in my heart and never forget it. 

I want you to know that I’m nothing without you, grandma. 




I had a great holiday although there was an incident before but I don’t want to remember it anymore. 

My twins aunty comeback here few days before eid pray and I had a wonderful holiday because of them. I’m really happy to see all my big family sitting together in my grandma’s living room. Laughing, eating and taking photos. Minus my oldest aunty and middle aunty bcs they are in different island. 

I’m so happy to have them in my life. I never can get enough for them. 


You Did It

I know, I’m not in the situation where I can be an over-fangirling right now. But i can’t help it. 

The moment I saw him at the first episode sing and dance to one of BlockB song and his labelmate did the krump dance, I know that I’ll fall in love with him. 

He is a hardworking person. Everything he do, he always give it his best and I know all the other 100 boys did the same thing. When he perform ssangnamja and sonagi I keep drowning into his charms. 

My heart beating so fast when they announcing the ranking. I’m afraid that he will be eliminated from that show and I never can see him again. 

And I’m so relieve that he can climbing up to 3rd place. You deserve it, boy! 

Let’s debut, Ha Seungwoon😣

And for mnet you’re so mean. 

How can you make them split up after all this time together.

Bye bye my Gunhee and little brother Lee Woojin 😭


Thank You

From 2006 to 2017

For this 11 years with sad, worst, best and happy moments. 

For letting me heard your beautiful voice through your beautiful song.

For stay alive and keep singing till this time..

Thank you.